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The company after years of tests, has been gradually on the scale of production. In the "quality first, customers first" for business purposes, while continuing to pursue corporate management experience. Always maintained: quality first, the customer, the business the right way, coexistence and win-win concept.

Companies rely on strong research and development capabilities, developed a number of series tents. And a waterproof anti-corrosion spray, strong wind resistance, drainage and smooth, long life and other advantages. Each tent has a unique switch design, the tent shrink more convenient.

Companies use different groups for the tent, the products are divided into many categories, thus forming a unique market segments, to meet the needs of different groups use. Different people use different tents, according to customer needs, providing different sizes and colors tent.

R & D team has a strong R & D capability introduced, will have a lot of research and development, strengthen the effectiveness, the unique selling point of the product, greatly enriching the product system so that customers can have many products to choose from.


The company has production workshop, assembly workshop, metal warehouse, finished products warehouse, packaging workshop, design, sales, sewing workshop. Independent and efficient processes are required to complete, no outsourcing links, reduced production costs, reduced the production cycle, to speed up the delivery speed.

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Jinhua City Yunfei Hardware umbrella

Jinhua City Yunfei Hardware umbrella Limited was founded in 1999, is a professional advertising tents and umbrellas umbrella scale enterprises with advanced production equipment and improve the management experience.
     Enterprises located in the scenic north of the city of Jinhua City Industrial Park, convenient transportation. Main products: a plurality of folding exhibition series tents, tent frame, stainless steel tent, aluminum tent, tent Hercules, King Kong tents, tent Bai Jingang, King Kong tents, tents and other outdoor advertising promotion, a number of products patented title. Full color products, specifications and diverse, fashionable, from LOGO design, computer graphics, layout, screen production, printing, shipping agents to complete the products are one-stop service. Both to ensure product quality, but also reduce the production cost, Our strong technical force, short production cycle, delivery on time, good reputation, the products are sold throughout the country.
     The company after years of tests, has been gradually on the scale of production. In the "quality first, to customers" for business purposes, while continuing to pursue corporate management experience. Welcome to OEM manufacturers.
     We will be a good product to prove your choice, to improve service and look forward to your visit!

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Mobile advertising tent sales experience

Work hours, the Department received a telephone courier market, he said, wanted to do a number of "priority downwind" advertising tent, but found several advertising tents plant are not satisfied ... speech is full of anxiety, very understanding of customer business unit mood, yes, people engage in activities, the time is really nervous. So he hurried to invite customers to the company to start to see ads tent frames and top quality fabrics. Days when dusk arrived Jichong client company canteen too late, directly to the shop to see the product, through a fancy showrooms we have this one-touch button white frame kept saying: find and find out! ! I'm going to like this style, this quality! Night proofing? ! Yes, you heard right! We do is quality and service. The next day, he came to the company to see the effect of the entire advertising tent was shocked, but also moved to! Thus, immediately signed a batch of mobile advertising tent ...

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Main Product: King Kong Bai Jingang tent tent car exhibition tent exhibition tent folding tent ad Black Edition tent frame legs in aluminum stainless steel tent exhibition tent

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